The Grammy Awards and all you need to know

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The Grammy Awards. The Recording Academy of the United States of America recognizes those who stand out in the music industry. These awards are regarded as the most prestigious and significant awards in the music industry worldwide. It is known as the GRAMMY or the GRAMMY AWARDS.

IThe Grammy Awards were initially the Gramophone Awards. It birthed by its Gramophonic trophies, having it’s first ceremony on the 4th Day of May 1959.

Two ceremonies held in the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California and the other n New York City.
Billings Artwork was responsible for the making and assembling of The gold-plated trophies which depicted a gilded gramophone.
The Current design of the Grammy came to be in 1990 as it was remodeled.

 Trophies engraved with each recipient’s name are not available until after the award announcements, so “stunt” trophies are re-used each year for the ceremony broadcast.

The second ever Grammy Awards was also held in 1959, and was known as the first ever Grammy Awards to be televised and none was ever televised until in 1971 when the 13th Annual Grammy Awards was televised.

The Grammy Awards Categories.

After April 6, 2011, the Recording Academy stated a change of many Grammy Award categories. The number of Grammy categories reduced from 109 to 78. One of the changes was removing the difference between male and female soloists and between collaborations and duo/groups in various genre fields (pop, rock, rhythm and blues [R&B], country, and rap). Also, several instrumental soloist categories were discontinued; recordings in these categories now fall under general categories for best solo performances.

In the rock Category, the hard rock and metal album categories were combined. The Best Rock Instrumental Performance category also was eliminated due to a waning number of entries.

In R&B, the distinction between best contemporary R&B album and other R&B albums has been eliminated, consolidated into one Best R&B Album category.

In rap, the categories for best rap soloist and best rap duo or group have been merged into the new Best Rap Performance category.

The roots category had the most eliminations. Up through 2011, there were separate categories for regional American music forms, such as Hawaiian, Native American, and Zydeco/Cajun music.

Traditional and Contemporary categories

Traditional and contemporary blues categories and the traditional and contemporary folk categories each were consolidated into one per genre. In the world music field, the traditional and contemporary categories also were merged.

In the classical field, its main category Best Classical Album, was discontinued because most recipients in the category had also won in other classical categories for the same album. Classical recordings are now eligible for the main Album of the Year category.

A few minor name changes were also made to better reflect the nature of the separate categories. The Recording Academy determined that the word “gospel” in the gospel genre field tends to connote images and sounds of traditional soul gospel. Therefore, the field and some categories were renamed as Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music.


To win The Grammy Awards, nominations are made by the Members of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS). These include the media companies and individuals. After this, entries are made and submitted online.

When any work is entered, review sessions are held to determine that the work has been entered in the correct category.

Eligible entries are put out to voting members, who vote to nominate in the general fields.

The five recordings that earn the most votes in each category become the nominees, while in some categories (craft and specialized categories) review committees determine the final five nominees. There may be over five nominees if a tie occurs in the nomination process.

Members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences generally are invited to screenings or are sent DVDs of films nominated for Oscars, NARAS members do not receive nominated recordings. They instead receive access to a private online listening service.
When the Grammy nominees have been sorted, then the final voting ballots are sent to NARAS voting members.

They vote in the general field and cast ten votes in various genre categories. Members vote only in their fields of expertise. After votes put in tabular form, winners are announced at the Grammy Awards. The recording with the most votes in a category wins. Winners are presented with a Grammy Award; those who do not win receive a medal for their nomination.

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