Movie Review: Killer Soup As a Nicely Cut Out Dark Comedy And An Investigative Thriller

Movie Review: Killer Soup As Abhishek Chaubey Creates a Nicely Cut Out Dark Comedy And An Investigative Thriller

Killer Soup paints a picture of a calm and normal family in a fictional town called Mainjur. It opens up it’s scene at the main house, plastered with the photograph of the husband and wife as both of them get ready for the day. Prabhu is seen choosing what clothes to wear from his collection of clothes, with nicely printed shirts to choose from. Swathi on the other hand prepares her Paya soup.

Plot twist changes as things turn out bad. Prabhu will have to discover that Swathi is having an affair with Masseuse Umesh. His lookalike though with a squint eye.
Meanwhile, it takes time for Prabhu’s lies- the failed hotel deal with his corrupt brother Aravind Shetty (Sayaji Shinde), his affair, and a doomed side detective at work.
Characters and their roles. Swathi (Konkona Sensharma) has been trying to open her own restaurant for a while now. She is an inept cook obsessed with serving paya soup to her husband Prabhakar ‘Prabhu’ Shetty (Manoj Bajpayee).

Killer soup

Killer Soup employs dark comedy.

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Swathi and Prabhu are playing on each other in a surprisingly shocking manner. This complicates the matter for both of them to a point where things can no longer continue.
Things starts to go wrong in many ways in this Abhishek Chaubey’s new Thriller series on Netflix thriller. Killer Soup which seems to revel in stirring the nastiest of humour and secrets churning underneath.
The aftertaste lands- even though a lot of hiccups occur in-between. But, what a deliciously wicked and entertaining show this is, one that needs to savoured with full attention.

The makeover, as desperate as it looks, occurs in breakneck speed in Killer Soup- once the lies start to pile up one after the other. We can see how Swathi manipulates Umesh into a dangerous makeover. This leads to the involvement of the police (Nassar) and his subordinate ASI Thupalli (Anbuthasan). Many more characters that get pinned into the various series of lies and deceit in this thriller.

The movie Killer Soup, records over 8 hour-long episodes. It remains in the constant plan of entertainment and getting viewers glued.
The first four episodes of Killer Soup employs the strategic use of magic realism and pop culture references while creating an intriguing atmosphere.

There are accidents, hallucinations, blackmail and more deaths arrive, and the show starts to lose its ferocity in the last episodes where a curious case of identities preside over some of the more blatant needs of the story.

Killer Soup Script

Killer Soup is which is co-written by Unaiza Merchant, Anant Tripathi and Harshad Nalawade has a way of being a step ahead. This creates suspense which is much needed in the series. There are lots of Characters who have unresolved threads and this remain to be stitched up by the time the soup boils over. Towards that last episode, and although Chaubey competently handles the scenes- the residues of overemphasis cannot be ignored. Anuj Rakesh Dhawan’s camerawork is revelatory in its choice of perspective.
Thriller filled with suspense, intriguing, entertaining and a captivating story line, Killer Soup is a great movie which is a must watch. I hope you give credit to this movie when you finally see it.

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