Kayan mata and the truth behind it’s usage

Kayan mata

Kayan mata and it’s origin

The Kayan mata originated from the Northern tribes of Nigeria and literally means “women’s things”. Kayan mata is used to refer to herbs or potions that act as s*x or love enhancers and aphrodisiacs. For centuries, their recipes — generally combinations of herbs, fruits and spices — have been used to heighten and stimulate the s*xual feelings of one’s partner.

They were originally used my married women to spice up sexual relations. Recently, the products have been peddled on the Internet as voodoo-like herbs for young ladies to attract attention from rich men.

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You can find the best Kayan mata in states like Sokoto, Kebbi, Katsina, etc and they range from ranging from perfumes to sweetener powders, sweets, zuman mata/maza (woman’s honey), s*x drops, lubricants etc.

Kayan mata for women

For women who find it hard to be turned on during foreplay, kayan mata sweets are encouraged for them. Women can chew during the day when they are sure they will get laid at night. It creates a tingling sensation for the woman.

The most popular kayan mata products are Kunun Aya and Tsumi. Tsumi is a mix of Kayan Mata herb and camel’s milk and its effect is very strong. Kunun Aya is a juice gotten from Tiger nuts and is drunk by the man for extra performance.
Women, especially young ladies, using Kayanmata to attract expensive gifts, favours and attention from wealthy men, whether single or married, is no longer news.

There are different products like v*gina upgrade to tighten the vagina and favour oil to attract wealthy men.

Stories from users of Kayan mata

A Nigerian girl Chidimma (not a true name ) is well endowed. With an average height, her smooth and spotless skin will ordinarily attract many people’s attention at first sight. But despite her beauty, she said she relies on Kayan mata to get men’s attention and also get them to fully commit to her.


In her late 20s, she is a proud owner of a car, lives in a 3-bedroom flat apartment in the centre of Abuja and owns a big fashion designing shop. She said her life changed after she learned that ladies use kayanmanta to acquire all they want from men, married or single.

“Someone introduced me to it. I was scared at first but after I saw the result of the first product I bought for N50,000, I became addicted to using it.

“It gives me rich partners. All I have to do is use the perfume, drink some tea and use other products as instructed. And anything I ask from my partner is mine. The products are too expensive to be a joke,” she said.

Story on Kayan mata continues

Jumoke confirmed the efficacy of kayanmata. She believes only a few marriages can survive without the use of kayanmata. She said her friends who do not use the products were abandoned by their husbands a few years after their marriage.

“To me, Kayanmata is a normal thing people use every day. I don’t know if my marriage would still be intact if I don’t use Kayanmata. Two of my friends have left their matrimonial homes because of one trouble or another but my marriage is still intact.

“I advised them to use some of the products but they said it is fetish and against the will of Allah. But my sister, it is not. It is a way of protecting what is yours. I am the apple of my husband’s eye and no woman can take my place. Never,” she said.

Expectedly, medical practitioners and health experts are contemptuous of kayanmata.

“I am not aware of the product or its approval for use. I am not also sure if it has gone through clinical trials.
Until there is scientific evidence to back the products up, I cannot say whether they have any effect on s*x or if they are safe for public use.” one said.

Health implications of Kayan mata

Since Kayan Mata is made out of fruits, herbs and natural spices, it is, for the most part, healthy.
There have been controversy about the effects of Kayan mata products in tying down men. This is also done without their consent or inducing possessiveness. This points to use of voodoo in the making. Though, vendors claim that this is untrue, it is best to take care.

If you want to use Kayan Mata to enhance your s*xual pleasure, the best advice is to be careful of your sources. Know what exactly make up the ingredients.


Is Kayan mata a charm?

An expert said, there is a huge difference now in the kayanmata that are advertised on social media and the traditional kayanmata, the ancient one we all know. Kayanmata has undergone a lot of rebranding, we might say. Some of them sold at such exorbitant prices that you begin to wonder if it isn’t the same tiger nuts or coconut which constitutes some of the ingredients.

The truth though is, no one can say exactly. Reports often get embellished after it has gone through many retellings. And by the time it finds it’s way onto social media it had become almost stranger than fiction. It appears that the advertisers are responsible for the hype that these products enjoy. They promise such fabulous results. Lastly, believers often come back to claim these results were so. How can one tell if they aren’t so?

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